" Mango Lives Here "

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"Women are the niggers of gender," the email said. "If you killed yourself, I wouldn’t even fuck the corpse."

I blinked at my phone, fighting simultaneous urges to hurl my phone across the room in anger and cry. Later that day, someone texted me my address — telling me they’d “See me when I least expected it.”

I haven’t been out to my car at night by myself since January 2nd.

My name is Brianna Wu. I lead a development studio that makes games. Sometimes, I write about issues in the games industry that relate to the equality of women. My reward is that I regularly have men threatening to rape and commit acts of violence against me.

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Come on, TVD… You’re better than thinking boys and girls can’t actually just be friends. You’re better than having people devolve into obscurity or, worse, Season 1 personalities in order to further a plot.

Character Grades (What Lies Beneath)

Bringing this back because remember when EVERYONE hated 5x20, and mocked it mercilessly? Ahhh good times.

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do u ever form emotional attachments to tabs u have had open for a long time

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Apparently it’s not socially acceptable for a man to invite another man out just for coffee or to go out for a meal, in case it’s perceived as a date. Like it’s fine if you wanna go to the pub and drink beer and have a chat but make it non-alcoholic and suddenly you’re not straight anymore? You can go to the cinema together but ONLY if it’s an action movie. You guys can’t even just go shopping with each other. Oh masculinity, so fragile, so strange. 

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dang it arsenal

ur ruining my fantasy team

my coworker is gonna be so smug tomorrow

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Reblogging because this actually is a thing that should concern more people. 


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what happened to this doctor
when did we go from saving everybody to sacrificing people who you promised that you could save, people that trusted you
when did the doctor get so obsessed with proving that he is right rather than actually trying to save people or change things for the better, he has to be the one to say I told you so
what happened to nobody is unimportant and every life matters
why is the doctor changed so much that his morals are different, people are indispensable all of a sudden

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ugh I need Ramsey to score 2 or something

and Arsenal to keep a clean sheet

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they’re talking about Agger



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If Liverpool could do this every week my life would be at least 500% better.